Pure White Dragon Bride Muraise 1/6 Scale Figure by Native

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Pure White Dragon Bride Muraise by Native

Are you ready to embark on a fantastical adventure with the Pure White Dragon Bride Muraise 1/6 Scale Figure by Native? You have just married the beautiful White Dragon Princess, and it’s time to embrace her draconic nature. Muraise is a devoted and benevolent dragon, but with a prurient mark, her draconic estrus emerges. By nightfall, she will succumb to the wishes of her other half.

This exquisite figure is illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki and sculpted by Koudai Abe (Fenrir). Eimi Hoshina has taken charge of color production, bringing the fantasy-like visual to life. Muraise’s body can sense her partner’s preferences, and her appearance changes accordingly. “I’m still not used to this, but it should be OK if I make some parts BIGGER, right? Please be mindful of the horns. This is a sensitive area for us, for better or worse…” that’s what she said.

A newlywed life between Human and Dragon must be celebrated! But the Princess is still a dragon to the very end. “Human, even for our night affairs, be determined and remember not to take me half-heartedly.” Muraise’s breasts can be shrunk to suit her partner’s preference; flat is justice period ->. In addition, her skirt and bandeau are both cast-off, so you can see every corner of her beautiful ivory body. Enjoy a blissful inter-species marriage with the Princess!

Product Details:

  • Scale: 1/6
  • Size: Approximately 230mm(23cm, 9.1in) in height
  • Material: PVC, ABS
  • Manufacturer: Native
  • Sculptor: Koudai Abe (Fenrir)
  • Illustrator: Takahiro Tsurusaki
  • Color production: Eimi Hoshina
  • Accessories: Fur Base, Chippai Parts, and Chippai Bra Parts
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Illustrated Postcard by Takahiro Tsurusaki
  • Product Barcode: 4562271933105

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the scale of the figure?

A: The figure is 1/6 scale, approximately 230mm(23cm, 9.1in) in height.

Q: What material is the figure made of?

A: The figure is made of PVC and ABS.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of the figure?

A: The figure is manufactured by Native.

Q: What accessories does the figure come with?

A: The figure comes with a fur base, Chippai parts, and Chippai bra parts.

Relevant Genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Erotic

Relevant Themes:

  • Interspecies Romance
  • Dragon-Human Relationship
  • Transformation


Bring your fantasies to life with the Pure White Dragon Bride Muraise 1/6 Scale Figure by Native. This figure, illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki and sculpted by Koudai Abe (Fenrir), is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fantasy, romance, and erotic genres. With her exquisite details and transformation abilities, Muraise will provide endless hours of enjoyment for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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  • Publisher: NATIVE
  • Pre-Book Date: 04/17/2023
  • Release Date: 01/2024
  • Estimated to Ship: 24-May
  • SubCategory: Figures
  • Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Hentai, Romance
  • Theme: Interspecies Romance, Transformation
  • Series: Original Character
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Scale: 1/6
  • Height(in): 9.1
  • Material Type: PVC
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Figures are Not Eligible for Free Shipping
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