BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Gotoh 1/7 Scale Figure

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BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Gotoh 1/7 Scale Figure

BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Gotoh 1/7 Scale Figure

Sculptor: Amaguri
Cooperation: Sparrow
Paintwork: Ittsuru Akechi (Taishodo)

From the anime “BOCCHI THE ROCK!” comes a 1/7 scale figure of Hitori Gotoh!
Looking rather awkward as she smiles timidly on stage, the figure is packed full of “Bocchi-ness” that we have grown to love.

-The guitar is sculpted down to the finest detail
The guitar that stole Hitori Gotoh’s heart in the original story is reproduced here in a highly realistic style, so much so that it’s almost like an actual instrument. Even the parts with the same coloring are painted with great variations in tone and smoothness… from the strong metallic feel of the pegs, to the strong yellowish tinge of the nut.
The body of the guitar is painted with a gloss finish, and the pickguard has a semi-gloss finish.
The loosely hanging shoulder strap suggests the moves and quirks of Hitori Goto’s playing style, while her swaying pose is reminiscent of when she played her iconic guitar solo.

-A music club-inspired base.
The checkered base that comes with the figure is a recreation of the live music club’s flooring from the original story. Every part of the equipment is painted with utmost care, down to the smallest letterings on the effectors to the details of the wah pedal!
The cables scattered around Bocchi’s feet also give a sense of movement and brings to mind the many performance scenes in the anime.

-Expressions and details that scream “Bocchi”!
The hair that flutters as she performs has been painted with soft, delicate highlights! The pink tone of the hair differs slightly from the jersey she wears to express the variety in texture.
Her pale skin, the slouched posture, and the cute hair tie with cube-like clear parts… all the things that are typical of “Bocchi” have been carefully and perfectly brought to life.

-Full of “Bocchi-ism”!
The anime’s live performance scene is recreated down to the finest detail – so what are you waiting for? Be sure to add this masterpiece to your collection, and enjoy a sold-out performance by the legendary “Hitori Gotoh” in the comfort of your own home!

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  • Publisher: F:NEX
  • Barcode: 4582655077751
  • SubCategory: Figures
  • Age Rating: All Ages
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Media Tie In
  • Theme: Anime Series, Battles, Media Tie In, Powers, Manga Series
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Height(in): 12
  • Release Date: 08/2024
  • Estimated to Ship: 12/2024
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