Case Closed Heiji Hattori & Kazuha Toyama 1/7 Scale Figure

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Case Closed Heiji Hattori & Kazuha Toyama 1/7 Scale Figure

From Furyu’s prestigious hobby brand “F:NEX” comes the captivating Case Closed Heiji Hattori & Kazuha Toyama 1/7 Scale Figure set, showcasing two beloved characters from the iconic series “Detective Conan.” This exquisitely detailed 3D figure set captures a beautifully intimate moment between the childhood friends, Heiji and Kazuha. They stand close together, exuding chemistry, yet maintaining a charming shyness that fans adore.

Heiji Hattori is portrayed in a dignified pose, with his characteristic dark skin meticulously shaded to make him stand out as a striking figure. The fine details of his jacket and shirt are intricately modeled, with realistic wrinkles and shading that add to his three-dimensional appearance. The definition of his collarbone adds to his strong, confident look.

Kazuha Toyama is depicted in an endearing, lively pose, with her bright expression perfectly capturing her spirited personality. Her trademark ponytail is vibrantly colored, adding a dynamic touch to her figure. The subtle flush on her knees and hands enhances her realistic and adorable look.

The base of this figure set is inspired by the movie “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Five-Pointed Star,” adding an extra layer of authenticity and connection to the beloved series. The detailed print on the base enhances the overall aesthetic, making it a must-have for any fan.

Pre-order early to secure this stunning Case Closed Heiji Hattori & Kazuha Toyama 1/7 Scale Figure set and bring the enchanting world of “Detective Conan” to your collection. Don’t miss out on adding these iconic childhood friends to your display!

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  • Publisher: F:NEX
  • Barcode: 4582655078604
  • SubCategory: Figures
  • Age Rating: All Ages
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Media Tie In
  • Theme: Anime Series, Battles, Media Tie In, Powers, Manga Series
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Height(in): 12
  • Pre-Book Date: 08/21/2024
  • Release Date: 02/2025
  • Estimated to Ship: 5/2025
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