Love is an Illusion! - The Queen Vol. 1

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Love is an Illusion! – The Queen Vol. 1

This Mature-rated sequel/spin-off to the hit Boys’ Love omegaverse webtoon from Lezhin follows Park Dojin’s older sister, alpha Do-gyeom, on her quest to find true love!

Park Do-gyeom, a free-spirited alpha and the older sister of Park Dojin, has finally decided to put her promiscuous past behind her and settle down. As a 39-year-old woman, however, her options for marriage have dwindled. Luckily she has her beleaguered omega secretary, Lee Seung-ah, to do most of the work of finding a marriage partner for her. It shouldn’t be a problem, even if Seung-ah and Do-gyeom have harbored secret feelings for each other for years. In fact, arranging Do-gyeom’s marriage may just be the catalyst for the two of them to finally admit their attraction…unless another alpha gets in the way!

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  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18
  • Publisher: Seven Seas
  • Barcode: 9798891606104
  • Release Date: 10/29/2024
  • Genre: Manga, Books
  • Page Count: 400
  • Print Size: 5.8750 x 8.2500
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes
  • Pre-Book Date: 10/29/2024

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