Shipping Info

How Long Does It Take To Process An Order?

Once we have received your order, please allow for 3 -5 business days to process fully in-stock orders, but if your order is not fully in stock, please refer to our partial shipping policy found below. Buy Anime does not consider the weekends or holidays to be business days. It is possible that it could take a little longer than expected but don’t worry, we’re working hard to get your anime and manga out the door as fast as we can!

I Have A Preorder Or Something Out Of Stock On My Order!

Shopping here at Buy Anime allows you to backorder out of stock items. This feature functions like preordering an item that has already been released. Please keep in mind that back-ordered items and pre-orders may result in your order being held by the system until all items are allocated to the order.

However our system does offer an automatic partial shipment for domestic that can be used if certain internal criteria are met. When Buy Anime initiates the partial shipping, no additional shipping costs will be incurred. Partial shipping will not result in a refund of shipping costs. Regrettably, there may be times where we are unable to fulfill partial shipments due to order volume, but rest assured your order will not be cancelled.

Buy Anime reserves the right, at any time, to partially ship in stock products.

What Does Pending Fulfillment/Shipping or Pending Approval Mean?

Pending fulfillment or shipping means that your order is waiting to be fulfilled! This is our standard status and all orders will generally take this status until they are shipped out.

Pending approval means we may need to look at your order on our end of things. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean anything bad is happening, it can happen for a large variety of reasons. Once we have been able to push it through it will then switch to pending fulfillment!

My Order Has Been Shipped But I Haven’t Received It Yet!

The delivery times advertised at check-out are based on information from the delivery services. They are not guaranteed dates, but instead are estimates given by the postal service. It’s possible that they may be taking longer than expected for a variety of reasons. If you feel that your package may be lost, please contact your local post office to see if they have more information.

Oh No! My Order Is Lost or Damaged!

That’s not good! It’s always upsetting when that happens. Before you contact us, please check to see if you purchased insurance on your order. If you have, then you can reach out to our wonderful partners at Route who will be able to get you taken care of. You can find this information here:

If you did not select Route Protect insurance on your order, we will be happy to help you out, however we do no insure your package. So you will need to contact the carrier. We do not refund or replace lost, stolen or damaged packages. Please see our Returns Policy here.

You will want to contact the shipping carrier first for more information as we cannot see further than the tracking number. Claims can take up to 30 days for domestic shipments and 45 days for international shipments to be fully investigated by the shipping carrier. If you are still unable to locate your package after contacting the shipping carrier, please contact customer service, we will d all that we can to help.

Order issues for packages marked “delivered” yet not received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” must be made 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises.

If you contact us the same day that the package was marked as delivered, at our discretion we may ask you to wait 5 business days. Carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) sometimes prematurely mark the package as delivered when it’s still in transit.

Order issues for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier (where the status is not “delivered”) must be filed within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

Do You Have Free Shipping?

If you are a domestic customer (U.S) and your order is over $75, Economy shipping is free!

Some exclusions may apply. You can check the item’s eligibility in the summary box on the item page.

Partial Shipping Policy

All Canadian and International orders are held until all items are in stock.

For domestic orders, If an order is placed with in-stock items as well as pre-order or back-ordered items, the order will remain unshipped until all products are in-stock. Exceptions do occur and Buy Anime reserves the right, at any time, to partially ship in-stock products. When initiates the partial shipping, no additional shipping costs will be incurred. Partial shipping will not result in a refund of shipping costs.

Our system will occasionally release orders for partial shipping based on our order volume. However, when this occurs it will pull in-stock products from your other orders if applicable.

Generally, the rules stated above are followed, however, we reserve the right to partial ship at any time. Therefore, if you are wanting something shipped immediately it is recommended to place separate orders for your in-stock vs. pre-order or out-of-stock products.

Please refer to the “Release Dates” section for more information. Normal shipping procedures will be followed after the item has been received into stock.

Canadian Customers

Orders shipping to Canada will be shipped by Federal Express (FedEx) UPS or USPS, which ever you choose. You will be responsible for all tax and duties imposed.

Canada orders are generally held until all items in the order are in-stock in our warehouse. However, should your order be held up by one or two items for an extended period, we will, at our option and at no additional expense to you, ship all items that are currently available on that order and any other current order to minimize your wait for the products.

Please note that FedEx shipping requires a valid physical shipping address. We can not ship FedEx to PO Boxes. Please visit to fill out delivery instructions in case you are unavailable to sign for the package.

*Please be mindful that FedEx picks these shipments up every few days, so even if your order is marked as ‘Fulfilled’ there may be a slight delay in receiving tracking information.

International Customers

International shipments (excluding Canada) are sent via our shipping partners.

International orders are held until all of the items in the order are in-stock in our warehouse. In situations when an international order has been held up by one or two items for several months, we will, at our option, ship the items that are currently available on that order and any other current orders to the customer without a partial shipping fee. Items will ship in the same box, to minimize customs charges.

Shipping companies may charge a fee for delivering your package to a foreign country. Such fees, taxes, and customs duties are not included in our shipping price, and are your responsibility. We will not be responsible for seized shipments, and cannot provide refunds for seized products. Please check to make sure you are in compliance with all local laws if you are ordering an adult product(s).


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Other Shipping FAQs

I placed and paid shipping on separate orders but they came together, what gives? makes every attempt to get your product to you in the most expeditious way. This often results in combining shipments at time of order processing. However, the cost of shipping the items together are the same or more than they would be had they shipped separately therefore we are unable to refund your shipping charges.

I Would Like To Ship To An Address That Is Not My Billing Address, Will This Be A Problem.

Absolutely not! However (there’s always a but), be mindful that our credit card scoring system might flag your order as fraud and you may need to confirm some additional information and your order might be delayed until the issue is resolved. Our Anime-zing International Customers might have to provide some additional documents as the credit card scoring is different by country in our system

I chose Expedited or Priority Delivery and my order still took 2 weeks to arrive. What’s up with that?

At we try hard to process all in-stock orders immediately. However, if you ordered product that was out of stock at the time of ordering, we will ship it priority when the product arrives. We ship only collector grade products, at order processing if we find your items were not collector quality, we will contact you and order new ones and then will ship your order promptly and using priority shipping when the product arrives.

I’m Moving Soon! How Do I Change My Shipping Address!

Don’t worry! You can change your address! Please add the address you would like to use to your Address Book on your online account. Once you have done that you can submit a new case or call our fabulous customer care team during standard business hours to get this taken care of!

My Order Was Seized By The Border?

Sorry, to hear that happened. Please consult with the postal authorities of your country prior to placing an order for erotic product. We will not be responsible for seized shipments, and cannot provide refunds for seized products.

Adding items or Modifying Existing Orders

If you order has not already been moved into shipping or your card charged it may be possible for you to adjust your order. After that you will need to place a new order for the additional items.