Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution, Vol. 1

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Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution, Vol. 1

Welcome to the prestigious Saint Leaf School, where, among other things,
the boys are so pretty they give the girls a run for their money!
Amidst this bed of flowers exists one Hitomi Sakuragawa, a sweet girl
with a not-so-little weight problem, who lives in a nearby apartment
owned by her doting older brother. Hitomi also happens to have pretty
much the best luck on the planet: Her neighbors are some of the hottest
guys in school! But will she need to steel her willpower, cut out the
cookies, and slim down before they’ll even give her the time of day? Or
will they be charmed by her kindhearted, genuine personality? It won’t
be long before Hitomi discovers that the road to a healthy lifestyle is
paved with hilarity!

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  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 13
  • Publisher: YEN PRESS
  • Barcode: 9780759531758
  • Release Date: 07/27/2010
  • Genre: Manga, Books
  • Page Count: 178
  • Print Size: 7.5 x 5.125
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes

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