Bootyholic - Manga

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Bootyholic – Manga

Oh My God, look at that butt!

Melons are fine and all, but once you see a thick and juicy peach staring you in the face, there’s nothing you want more than to take a bite out of it!

Stretch it, squish it, and get deep inside it? Misa Wasabi’s newest book is full of hourglass figures looking for some bottomfeeders who want nothing more than to feast!

It doesn’t matter if their fat rump-shakers peek out of a short skirt or are busting out of a pair of tight jeans, these cheeky girls want their tight cheeks spread and pounded all night long!

Bootyholic by Misa Wasabi is for everyone who’s into booty, bumps, humps, buns, bubble butts, rear-ends, thick hips, and prays to an altar of a dump-truck ass!

With a secretly perverted waitress, a country bumpkin killing time, a giant-breasted jealous housewife, Misa Wasabi’s women look lady-like, and even a pair of escort succubi.

Behind closed doors, they are real freaks in bed!

Packing eight bootylicious chapters, Bootyholic will leave readers punch-drunk and thoroughly addicted to the best kind of surprise that comes from behind!

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  • Publisher: FAKKU
  • Page Count: 181
  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Genre: Adult, Erotica, Hentai
  • Artist: Misa Wasabi
  • Censored/Uncensored: Uncensored
  • Release Date: 04/25/2023
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes

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