I Still Love Yuno - (Translated & Uncensored) Manga

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I Still Love Yuna Manga
Misaoka returns to J18 Publishing with a fresh new tale of infidelity: I Still Love Yuno! Nobody wants to believe their significant other is cheating on them?and even when presented with proof, the mind finds strange ways to cope and rationalize…

Yuta’s life is pretty good. Holding down a solid job at a big company with his pretty girlfriend Yuno at his side, it’s hard for him to imagine things going downhill… but that all changes when he looks through her phone and finds a history of sexy messages with a local osteopath. Yuta pleads Yuno her to tell him the truth, and she does: how the osteopath fucked her at a love hotel, deeper and harder than Yuta ever did, and gave Yuno her first creampie; how they met up at a BDSM room, where she begged him to dominate her; how they even had sex in her apartment, in the very same bed where she sleeps with Yuta! But instead of getting angry, Yuta realizes her stories are turning him on. Yuno swears to tell him the whole truth, that she’ll never cheat on him again… and that she’ll tell him about the other three times they fucked too.

J18 Publishing is pleased to present this special English edition of Misaoka’s I Still Love Yuno! Available as a physical edition for the first time ever, this doujinshi has been printed on large-format B5 paper to provide the best doujinshi reading experience… and in the only improvement over the Japanese digital version, this release is 100% uncensored! (You can’t call it NTR when the guy keeps the girl in the end, so don’t you vanilla fans worry!)

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  • Publisher: J18
  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Genre: Adult, Doujinshi, Hentai, Romance
  • Theme: Netorare, Infidelity, Lust
  • Print Size: B5
  • Written Language: English
  • Censored/Uncensored: Uncensored
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes

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1 review for I Still Love Yuno – (Translated & Uncensored) Manga

  1. Mitch Poss (verified owner)

    Always great to see NTR in print, this is a good one. The book is thick and the quality of the binding is great. 10/10.

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