Momiji Volume 1-4 Blu-Ray - Blu-Ray DVD

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Momiji Volume 1-4 Blu-Ray – Blu-Ray DVD? Synopsis:
VOLUME 1: Our story begins as Momiji’s virginity is taken by Kazuto. We learn that Momiji is a girl without a will of her own, while Kazuto is the son of a wealthy and influential family. Kazuto takes an interest in Momiji, and he gets her to come live in his house as a maid.

VOLUME 2: Our new addition to the tantalizing titty brigade is Ayane, who’s in love with Kazuto. Kazuto shows no interest in her, but she is determined to get a ride on his pony. One day in school, Momiji is alone in the locker room and Kazuto shows her how to play with his “balls”.

VOLUME 3: Ayane starts work at Kazuto’s house as a maid, but we all know what that means. Kazuto’s at it again, boffing those beauties day and night. Well, that fires up the competition. Katuto promises to make love with the one who wins. Who will it be?

VOLUME 4: Momiji pays the price for Kazuto’s bad mood by being tied to the bed, dripped on with candle wax and being submitted. Shizuru comes to “comfort” her friend. Will Kazuto and Momiji reveal there true feelings for each other or is it
just lust after all?

Blu-Ray DVD Features

– Uncensored/No Mosaic

– English Subtitles

– English/Japanese Dialogue

– No Regional Coding

– Runtime 2 Hours

– UPC Code: 655390891310

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  • SubCategory: Blu-ray/DVD
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Genre: Adult, Erotica, Hentai, Blu-Ray
  • Runtime(min): 120
  • Censored/Uncensored: Uncensored - No Mosaic
  • Release Date: 07/11/2023
  • Spoken Languages: English/Japanese
  • Subtitle Languages: English
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes

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