Sinful Sex (Paperback)

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How can something so sinful feel so good? When Sakuma hears a rumor that a friend he secretly likes might be dating a cool upperclassman, he decides he’s gotta get his act together before he loses her. During a regular gaming session at his place, she tries on his new VR headset and it’s a porno game Maybe this little trick can get her in the mood, so he can make his move to get 1st place in her heart Sometimes a change of pace is what’s needed. Take the unfulfilled milfs of a local volleyball club who just got a new coach to whip them into shape as an example. Their homelife might be a bore, but as they stretch their thick thighs and work those meaty curves, they’ll be ready for game day, even if they go into overtime.


Sinful Sex is the newest book from utu, a connoisseur of all things shameful and sexy! From getting away to a hot spring for sultry alone time with a lonely housewife, a secluded walk off the beaten path of a local festival with your new love, or a raunchy orgy with your overbearing boss and her stacked friend, sinful acts come in all scintillating ways! Collecting eight wicked chapters along with an exclusive chapter featuring a kogal sweating it out at the water park, utu’s newest Shameless offering is just as sweet as Half-Ripe Cherry and as depraved as Spread the Peace!

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  • Publisher: FAKKU
  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Page Count: 160
  • Genre: Adult, Erotica, Hentai
  • Release Date: 06/25/2024
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes
  • Pre-Book Date: 06/25/2024

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