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Ohno Kanae and J18 Publishing, together with storyteller Muhekichi, are offering you a darker story than the artist’s usual fare: The Mysterious Tale of The Tao Niang Peach Girls. Elixirs of youth, born and bred to be lusted after and greedily devoured? this tale is not for the faint of heart.

Aged men have power, money, and time, but youth would evade their grasp?. if not for the Tao Niang. Are they urban legends, or creatures who have existed since the dawn of the Qin dynasty? Young girls fed nothing but peaches since infancy, raised such that so their very bodies harbor the secrets of rejuvenation, perhaps even immortality? and in this modern age, as with everything, available at a price. A man with his youth restored remembers not his own strength, and the Tao Niang are fragile? and short-lived. But that is, after all, the purpose of the peach girls.

This special English edition of The Mysterious Tale of The Tao Niang Peach Girls is the product of J18 Publishing and Ohno Kanae working together to faithfully preserve the original vision, from the same large-format B5 print size to the removal of all censorship required in the Japanese release. If you?d like to learn the truth of the Tao Niang, enter these pages? if you dare.

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  • Publisher: J18
  • Artist: Ohno Kanae
  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Genre: Adult, Doujinshi, Erotica, Hentai
  • Page Count: 32
  • Print Size: B5
  • Censored/Uncensored: Uncensored
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes

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