The Naughty In Law

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The Naughty In Law

Melkor Mancin makes his print debut with J18 Publishing in The Naughty In-Law Anthology! In this five-chapter compilation, a quick visit from Janice’s father-in-law turns into much, much more… and once Janice experiences what it’s like to be wanted, there’s no way she’s going back!

There’s something about Janice’s amazing tits and even better ass that turn men into dogs… well, except her husband Phillip. In The Naughty In-Law, Phillip’s father Donald ends up staying at their home after a minor injury… and Phillip’s out of town for a week on business! When she helps him change, she catches a glimpse of her father-in-law’s massive cock… and with her husband gone, there’s nothing to stop her from getting all the attention she wants that he won’t provide! In Family Ties, Janice and Donald keep going at it while Phillip’s away… but when Janice’s sister Kelly pops over for a dip in their pool, Janice is worried she’ll have to compete for Donald’s affection! Turns out her fears are legitimate, though: Donald’s got enough dick for them both! In Preludes and Triptych, Janice and Kelly come to terms with their sibling rivalry over boys, culminating in a lingerie competition for Donald where he demonstrates to the sisters that they’re both his kind of woman! In Chat with Janice, both the girls send plenty of sexy selfies to Donald to tide him over until they can see one another again… and while they’re at it, they bring a few sex toys to the party. The final chapter is Sweet Tooth, where Donald brings his friend Sam over for dinner to show Janice her body really does drive men wild—and that his son Phillip is the only man who didn’t get the memo! Now Janice knows what it feels like for her body to be wanted… and she’s done being a good housewife.

J18 Publishing and Melkor Mancin are pleased to present this special edition of The Naughty In-Law Anthology! Printed in full color on thick, glossy pages, this is the first time Janice’s story has ever appeared in print—and everything you love about Melkor Mancin’s art has been faithfully reproduced in this physical edition of his work. Get your hands on your very own copy today, before someone else shows this book what it’s like to be wanted!

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  • Publisher: J18
  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Genre: Adult, Erotica, Hentai
  • Release Date: 05/29/2024
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes
  • Print Size: B5
  • Barcode: 652823301699

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