Uma Musume Pretty Derby - Gold Ship 'First-Place Pose!' Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

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Uma musume Pretty Derby – Gold Ship ‘First-Place Pose!’ ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

From the game ”Uma Musume Pretty Derby” comes a new FURYU figure featuring the elegant horse girl, Gold Ship!

She is seen poised in a victory stance shortly after the end of an enduring yet triumphant race.

The fun pose and bright vivid colors will bring this character to life on your shelf!

Be sure to add her to your collection before she’s gone for good!

Product Details

  • Product Name: Uma Musume Pretty Derby – Gold Ship ‘First-Place Pose!’ ver 1/7 Scale Figure
  • Publisher: FURYU Corporation
  • Series: Uma musume: Pretty Derby
  • Character Name: Gold Derby
  • Sculptor: Moineau Co., Ltd.
  • Paintwork: Nana Moriyama
  • Highly Detailed, Pre-painted, non-articulated complete figure with detailed base
  • Height (approx.) 10.83 Inches
  • Material: PVC & ABS
  • SKU: FR95871

— The base resembles the turf of a race track!

The base with a turf pattern is reminiscent of a racing track. The sides are painted in gold for a gorgeous look!

— A finely crafted racing uniform!

Her vibrant uniform worn during races has been carefully crafted, down to the smallest of metallic textures and detailed shapes.

— Long, beautiful ash-gray hair and a wild, charming expression!

Gold Ship’s beautiful gray hair and tail have been carefully sculpted and painstakingly painted to faithfully reproduce the charms of the Umamusume.

–Gold Ship’s first-place pose!

Unforgettable for many players, her first-place pose has been faithfully recreated!

Uma musume Pretty Derby Synopsis

Famous racehorses that have left behind worthy legacies, unique as they can be, are reincarnated as horse girls in a parallel world. In this life, they start their journey anew as they continue to race and perhaps relive the success they once lived through.

Aspiring to become the best racehorse in Japan, a horse girl named Special Week moves to Tokyo to enroll in the Tracen Academy?an institution that nurtures horse girls like her to become better racers. There, Special Week witnesses the sophisticated running style of Silence Suzuka and is inspired to become a racer like her. Shortly after, Special Week finds herself recruited into Silence Suzuka’s team, Spica. From there, she begins her path to the top?one lap at a time.

*Please cast off at your own risk. Parts may be damaged during removal.*

*Displaying figures in direct sunlight may result in color fading over time.*

*Please note that the images shown may differ from the final product.*

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  • SubCategory: Figures
  • Age Rating: 7+
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Theme: Anthropomorphic, Slice of Life, Sports
  • Associated Series: Uma Musume Pretty Derby
  • Sculptor: Moineau Co., Ltd.
  • Paintwork: Nana Moriyama
  • Release Date: 10/2023
  • Pre-Book Date: 02/09/2023
  • Estimated to Ship: 24-Feb
  • Material Type: ABS, PVC
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Height(in): 10.83
  • Copyright: ©Cygames, Inc.
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