Yakuza Lover Volume 8 - Manga

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Yakuza Lover Vol. 8 – Manga

When feisty college student Yuri is attacked at a party, she’s saved by Toshiomi Oya, the underboss of a yakuza syndicate.

Despite her obvious attraction to him, she convinces herself that she’s not in the market for a bad boy type.

But when they meet again, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him?kicking off a steamy and dangerous love affair that threatens to consume her, body and soul.

Yuri and Oya are about to spend Yuri’s birthday on a luxurious private island when an unexpected phone call from Oya’s father ruins their plans.

A new enemy has appeared?Mao, the boss of the largest Chinese mafia group?and he and Oya have a history.

Although the danger is imminent, Oya vows to spend whatever time he has left with Yuri.

But he can’t help but wonder what Mao could possibly want?

Author Bio

Nozomi Mino was born on February 12 in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, in Japan, making her an Aquarius.

She made her shojo manga debut in the May 2006 issue of Cheese! with ?LOVE MANTEN? (Love Perfect Score).

Since then, she has gone on to publish numerous works, including Sweet Marriage, Wagamama Otoko wa Ichizu ni Koisuru (Selfish Guys Love Hard), and LOVE x PLACE.fam.

Her hobbies include going on drives and visiting cafes.

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  • Publisher: Viz Media
  • Page Count: 176
  • SubCategory: Manga
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Theme: Gangs, Yakuza
  • Author: Nozomi Mino
  • Release Date: 03/14/2023
  • Eligible For Free Shipping: Yes

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